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PPID Research
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ACP, Domperidone & other dopamine antagonists
Does fasting/feeding affect ACTH?
Oxidative stress - ROS - Anti-oxidants
Pergolide - side effects
Tolerance to pergolide
Best time of the day for testing ACTH
POMC hormones - general
TRH stimulation of POMC hormones
Vitex Agnus Castus
Pergolide & Dopamine Agonists
Parkinson's Disease & PPID/Causes of PPID
What increases ACTH other than PPID?
Day length/day light and PPID
Symptoms of PPID
ACTH Testing
Insulin & dopamine/neurodegeneration
Pathophysiology of PPID
PPID - findings at post mortem
Pulsatility of ACTH
Can PPID horses have negative diagnostic tests?
Papers/research measuring ACTH
PPID articles and information
Hypertrophy, hyperplasia or adenomas in PI
ACTH - bioactive v immunoreactive
FDA New Animal Drug Application for Prascend Sept 2011
Cases of PPID/affecting the PI in research
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