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We need your help!!
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Using Freestep Lamalert
Hello, New Member, can you help my horse please??
First signs - sorry for the essay!
Calling horse owners!!!! Have you experienced laminitis?
Has your horse had sinusitis?
Fast growing tail related to EMS/PPID?
Has worming appeared to worsen/bring on laminitis?
Horse aged 10 or under with PPID?
Laminitis caused/worsened by corticosteroids/dexamethasone?
What were the first signs of PPID your horse showed?
High ACTH but no/few clinical symptoms of PPID?
Do you have a horse with suspected PPID but negative tests?
Has your horse had an Oral Glucose Test/Oral Sugar Test?
Has your laminitic horse suffered a fracture/bone problem?
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